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on Contemporary Art and Professional Development for Practicing Artists

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Mary Drach McInnes

Dr. McInnes is Professor of Art History with a focus on sculpture at the School of Art and Design at Alfred University in New York. Her engagement with specific materials—glass and ceramics—that lie outside the mainstream art historical framework has been a significant element in her rethinking of modern and contemporary art. This material inquiry has led to new research that broadens and repositions the critical boundaries of those areas. Her texts and lectures provocatively ask members of the glass and ceramic communities to question their received history and to expand their references for current art production.  


Mary McInnes has been a strong advocate of professional development for young artists in her courses and webinars. This campus activity recently developed into an array of online offerings that encourage artists at all levels. New workshops—“Articulating Your Practice,” “Curating Your Website,” and “Funding Your Career"—offer essential writing skills and strategies to promote one’s career.

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