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Mary Drach McInnes

Professor of Art History

School of Art and Design at Alfred



1994        Ph.D., History of Art, Boston University


1988        M.A., History of Art, Boston University


1978        B.A., Anthropology and the Practice of Art, U of CA, Berkeley


1996 -        Independent Curator

1997-         Professor, Division of Art History, School of Art and Design, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University


2005-6     Consultant, Laitman Documentation for American Craft, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution


2005- 16  Member, Editorial Advisory Board of Interpreting Ceramics, an international, scholarly electronic journal devoted to

                  modern and contemporary ceramic art and art history

2010         Interim Dean, School of Art and Design, NYSCC, Alfred University

1992-96    Assistant, and Acting Director, Boston University Art Gallery

1994-95   Director, Museum Studies Program, Boston University

1987-88   Consultant, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian     

Recent & Selected Publications & Presentations
(Focus: Contemporary Sculpture and Craft-Based Practices)

2024          "One Hundred Years Out: The Relevance of 1920s Glass Art to Current Practices," in Kevin Petrie and Jeffrey

                    Sarmiento,, eds. The Glass Reader. London: Berg Publishers

2023          "Exhibiting a Legacy" in Wayne Higby, ed. William Underhill: Casting a Legacy.  Stuttgart, Germany: 

                    Arnoldsche Art Publishing

2022          “Thinking through Glass Digitally” Lecture for the Glass Art Society 2021 Annual Conference

2019           "Writing Glass History" for the 2019 Robert M. Minkoff Foundation Academic Symposium at UrbanGlass on

                   “Issues of Glass Pedagogy: Criticism, Critique, and Critical Thinking,” in Brooklyn, NY

2019           “Encountering Sculpture in the Digital Age” at the panel, Shaping Form and Shaping Space  Sculpture’s

                   21st Century Challenge, International Sculpture Conference (ISC) in Portland, Oregon

2019          “Maurice Marinot and ‘The Weightiness of Truly Beautiful Things,’” in Glass Quarterly, no. 156 (Fall 2019) 


2019          “Kait Rhoads: Inspired by Nature and Informed by Memory” Neues Glas: New Glass Art and Architecture,

                   2/2019 (May 2019)


2019          Editor, Bioresonance: The Sculptural Work of Kait Rhoads.  Hasselt, Belgium: Shiepers Gallery


2019          “Summoning Eternal Life: The Work of Li Hong Wei” in Tao Wand, ed. Beyond Reflection:

                   The Art of Li Hongwei.  Syracuse, NY: SUNY UP


2017           “Critical Discourse, Professional Practice,” for Issues in Glass Pedagogy: Curriculum and Career, the 2017

                   Robert M. Minkoff  Foundation Academic Symposium at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, New York from

                   October 12-14  

2015          “Reflection: Collaborative Practice in Glass” Glass Quarterly, 140 (Fall 2015): 64 


2015           “As the Air Moves Behind You” in Chase Angier, As the Air Moves Behind You. Alfred, NY:

                    Fosdick-Nelson Gallery 


2013           “Intangible Notch, SkyWell Falls, and EarthCloud:  The Architectural Reliefs” in Peter Held, ed.,

                   Wayne Higby:  A Retrospective. Tempe, AZ:  Ceramic Resource Center  

2013           “Visualizing Mortality:  Robert Arneson's Chemo Portraits,” in Interpreting Ceramics, The First Decade.  Ed.

                   by Jo Dahn and Jeffrey Jones.  United Kingdom:  Wunderkammer Press  

2013          “Gage/Gaze:  Aesa Bjork and Hiromi Takazawa.”  Alfred, NY: Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

2011          “Introduction,” and issue editor of  “Boundary-Work” Interpreting Ceramics 12 on international 

                   developments in ceramic  studio education 

2010          “Curiouser and Curiouser, the Work of Nathan Prouty” in Nathan Prouty.  Philadelphia:  The Clay Studio        

2008          “Everything, Encrusted, and Encoded,” in Walter McConnell,  Itinerant Edens: A Theory of Everything.  

                   Missouri:  Daum Museum

2008          “Practicing Fiction:  Ken Price as Folk Potter” at the Rhode Island School of Design,  

                   Providence, Rhode Island

2008          “Welcome,” and issue editor, “Five Emerging Artists Survey the Field,” in Interpreting Ceramics 9 


2008          “New Pedagogical Approaches in Art History” at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University,

                   Halifax, NS

2007          “Reflection, EarthCloud” and editor, “Architect and Artist:  A Conversation Between Bruce Wood and

                   Wayne Higby” in Wayne Higby, EarthCloud.  Stuttgart, Germany: Arnoldsche Fine Art Publishing  

2007          “Reconsidering the Ceramic Object,” in Proceedings, School of Visual Arts, NY

2006          “Cadiz:  The Sculptural Topology of Anne Currier,” in Anne Currier.  Stuttgart, Germany: 

                    Arnoldsche Art Publishing

2006          “Happy's Curios:  Situating Ceramics in Postwar America” for the panel, Clay/Kitsch at the College Art

                   Association Annual Meeting, Boston, MA        

2006          “Interview with Anne Currier.” Nanette L. Laitman Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America, the

                   Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution 

2006          “Interview with Wayne Higby.” Nanette L. Laitman Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America, the

                   Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

2005          “Interview with Jun Kaneko.”  Nanette L. Laitman Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America, the

                   Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution 

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